Spa Dubai


Couple Massage Spas

Couples massage is a popular treatment at spas. Couples massage is a massage that takes place in a couple’s suite. Couples massage is the most sought after service at spas nowadays. Two people – be it a husband and wife, best friends, same sex partners, girlfriend and boyfriends, sometimes mom & daughter- are massaged in the same room by two different therapists simultaneously. See Couple Spas Dubai »»

Male Spas

The Male spas offer a higher standard of personal grooming services in an environment designed for today’s man. Throughout the industry, spas that cater to men are gaining momentum. Men's Spas are increasing in number as men who spa is quickly learning to appreciate the benefits. See Male Spas Dubai »»

Cruise Line Spa

Spas aboard cruise ships that offer spa treatments, fitness programs, workout facilities, and often spa cuisine.

Day Spa

Full-service spas offering hour-long to full-day therapeutic or pampering treatments; accommodations are not provided on-site. See Day Spas Dubai »»

Destination Spa or Getaway Spas

Dedicated to health and renewal through an all-inclusive program that usually includes spa services, physical fitness, healthy cuisine, and educational programs. See Destination Spa or Getaway Spas Dubai »»


Facilities that limit the use of plastic packaging, bleached paper, and chlorinated, antibacterial wastewater.


Facilities that combine the best of Western medicine with therapeutic spa treatments; physicians address everything from chronic headaches, sleeping disorders, and weight management to total mind-body-spirit healthcare. See Medi Spas Dubai »»

Resort Spa

Combine vacation fun with the spa experience. Spas found in a resort or hotel include spa services, fitness and wellness programs, and sometimes spa cuisine. See Resort Spas Dubai »»

Weight Management Spa

Spas that specialize in lifestyle change for weight loss and weight maintenance. Most of these spas are medically oriented and include physician supervision.

Wellness Spa

A special facility that addresses each guest's specific health issues. This kind of retreat welcomes guests with health problems as well as those who are interested in learning how to live healthier lives. Some Wellness Spas follow a traditional medical model while others use a holistic approach.