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Spa Marketing – Adverting your Spa – Online advertising for your Spa

Buzz words like differentiation, niche marketing, and positioning have no doubt crossed every spa owner and marketing director's ears in recent years.

What is the significance of these terms when considering marketing your spa? Often it means that your spa will attempt to sell a product or service somehow different from what other competing spas offer. To start with it’s a good idea. With an innovative idea you can truly develop a truly unique product or service that is earning you a profit, but the following inevitably happens - imitations come in underselling your price, and steal your market share. Then you try to be the quality leader....than competition claims having the largest options range, lowest prices, highest quality or best service.

Two matters which can be acted upon are to carefully articulate your USP. And choose the most powerful of all media channels in terms of spa users - the online media.

The online advertising solutions we offer include search advertising which can be carried out in Google & the Google network of sites. Banner advertising in specific niche sites also bring in considerable clientele. Email marketing to database can also be used selectively.

Having eight years of experience in online advertising we have been continually increasing our experience & expertise.

Having a team which is creative and technically competent you can have the latest & the best when it comes to technology & creativity.

With a consumer friendly CRM approach which we use for various clients, should you require this can also be provided. This will further ensure a long term relationship with your first time clients.

Note the following:

  • Online adverting for Spa is not big budget
  • Online advertising for Spa can be kick started with lesser lead time
  • With eight years of experience in online advertising, you are getting expert service
  • Online advertising for spa provides clear results and is measurable unlike advertising in traditional media

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