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Abdominal Massage

Deep kneading of the stomach, intestines, and reproductive organs helps alleviate painful menstruation, headaches, and digestive disorders.


A combination of acupuncture and massage (and sometimes other energy therapies like reiki) that focuses on neural and musculoskeletal imbalances.


The ancient Chinese healing system of inserting ultrafine needles in acupoints along the body's meridians, or energy channels, to open up blockages and balance the flow of energy.


The use of botanical essential oils to rejuvenate, relax, or heal mind, body, and spirit.


A blend of tai chi and karate moves carried out in water that leaves you feeling energized, relaxed, and balanced.

Aqua Kick Boxing

A full-body workout that uses martial arts and boxing moves in water to improve cardiovascular endurance and strength.

Autogenous Training

Scientifically validated techniques that focus on recognizing and releasing mental and physical tension through mind-body reactive training.


The ancient Indian art and science of holistic health and healing focuses on establishing and maintaining balance of mind and body with the aid of herbs, nutrition, aromatherapy, and body therapies. See also Dosha.


A traditional Russian healing ritual using moist heat and switches to purify the body (also known as sweat bathing).


A stress management technique utilizing a machine to display vital physiological functions on a real-time monitor; teaches patients to control blood pressure and heart rate through breathing and relaxation patterns.

Body Polish

Gentle exfoliation of the skin using botanical or marine extracts.

Body Wrap

Enveloping the body in soft plastic or blankets after the application of a full-body mask. Also wrapping the body in a warm sheet steeped in an herbal mixture.


The soul of yogic practice and all forms of meditation, breathwork focuses the mind on inhalation and exhalation. It has been scientifically validated for its ability to relax the central nervous system, thus managing stress, anxiety, and even insomnia.


A self-healing system involving a practitioner who rocks, cradles, and stretches a fully clothed client in fluid rolling sequences.


Seven energy centers in the body located at specific points between the base of the spine and the top of the skull; each is related to certain physical processes and emotions and all must be in balance for optimal wellness.

Chakra Balancing

Correcting imbalance in the body's seven major energy centers with the use of essential oils and gentle pressure. Positive life energy is transferred from practitioner to recipient via the hands to help eliminate blockages, thereby restoring good health.


Meditations involving the repetition of certain resonant sounds; bolstered by scientific research indicating that the practice can change brainwave patterns, lower blood pressure, and boost the immune system. See also Harmonic Therapy.

Color Therapy

The use of color and light to enhance well-being and influence mood and behavior patterns. Examples include colored facial or body masks and illuminated hydrotherapy tubs. See also Light Therapy.

Core Conditioning

An exercise regimen that strengthens the deepest muscle layers of the abs, back, and shoulders, preventing injury and improving performance in a wide range of activities.

Couples Massage

Simultaneous, side-by-side therapeutic massage for two (one therapist for each person) intended to enhance communication and physical intimacy.

Craniosacral Therapy

Using light touch on the head, sacrum, and energy pathways, practitioners subliminally help the client detect and clear blockages in the body created by trauma and other negative experiences.

Cruise Line Spa

Spas aboard cruise ships that offer spa treatments, fitness programs, workout facilities, and often spa cuisine.

Day Spa

Full-service spas offering hour-long to full-day therapeutic or pampering treatments; accommodations are not provided on-site.

Destination Spa

Dedicated to health and renewal through an all-inclusive program that usually includes spa services, physical fitness, healthy cuisine, and educational programs.


In Ayurvedic philosophy, each person is made up of a dosha—kapha, pitta, or vata—based on the combination of the five elements:- space, air, fire, water, and earth. The doshas must be in balance for optimum health.


Facilities that limit the use of plastic packaging, bleached paper, and chlorinated, antibacterial wastewater.

Enhanced Water

Water to which vitamins or minerals have been added.

Ericksonian Relaxation Method

Scientifically validated techniques that focus on recognizing and releasing mental and physical tension through mind-body reactive training.

Essential Oil

Distilled, concentrated substances extracted from flowers, roots, leaves, tree resin, and wood containing the therapeutic properties of the plant. See also Aromatherapy.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Sometimes referred to as Acupuncture Facelift, the treatment counteracts the effects of aging through the insertion of ultrathin needles into specific areas of the face and body. See also Acupuncture.


Used in therapeutic massage, this Italian mud relaxes the muscles and alleviates inflammation, arthritis, and rheumatism.

Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese science of promoting well-being through the balance of elements in the environment.

Fitness Testing

The use of sophisticated tools to measure and analyze everything from cardiac risk and bone density to blood chemistry and body composition.

Five Tibetan Rites

This unique yogic system of energizing and balancing exercises invigorates the body's chakras, or energy centers, fighting fatigue and slowing the aging process.

Flotation Tank

A body-sized sound and lightproof chamber filled with buoyant, room-temperature water; the state of suspension offers a deep sense of relaxation and peace.


A fusion exercise combining ballet, weight training, and yoga. See Fusion Exercise.

Fusion Exercise

Cross-training classes that blend two or three exercise methods, like yoga, Pilates, and strength training, for a more interesting, invigorating workout.

Gem Therapy

Individually selected gemstones are applied to different chakras during energy healing therapies, like reiki, to heal body, mind, and spirit.

Guided Visualization

A meditation technique that focuses the mind on certain images to bring about a positive physical, mental, or emotional response.


A fitness modality that uses a machine rigged with pulleys, ropes, and wheels to strengthen the spine and all muscle groups. Additional benefits include increased functional movement, mental clarity, and physical grace.

Harmonic Therapy

The practice of generating resonant sounds to lower stress. Also known as sound or vibrational therapy, it uses the energy of distinct frequencies to adjust the dynamic flow within the chakras, engaging the body's own self-healing abilities.

Hot Stone Massage

Bodywork using a combination of hot and cold stones for relaxation and relief from stiff or sore muscles.

Indigenous Treatments

Tapping into the ancient wisdom of native cultures and local ingredients, they enrich the spa experience.

Light Therapy

Also known as phototherapy, exposure to sunlight or therapeutic light boxes is known to alleviate depression, especially seasonal affective disorder (SAD). See also Color Therapy.


Traditional Hawaiian massage using long, broad strokes and rhythmic rocking.


A Javanese body treatment, based on an ancient wedding ceremony, that combines a coconut oil massage, herb and rice exfoliation, flower-scented bath, and yogurt moisturizer.

Lymphatic Drainage

A therapeutic massage that focuses on the lymphatic system to purge excess fluid and detoxify the body.


The rubbing or kneading of parts of the body to aid circulation and relax the muscles. See also T'ui Na.


Facilities that combine the best of Western medicine with therapeutic spa treatments; physicians address everything from chronic headaches, sleeping disorders, and weight management to total mind-body-spirit healthcare.


A skin resurfacing procedure using topical preparations and tools that slough off dead skin cells.


Sometimes called yoga for the fingers and hands, devotees claim these postures can bring energy, insight, and calm.


An exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates that stretches, lengthens, tones, and strengthens muscles.

Polarity Therapy

This comprehensive healing system employs the energetic power of conscious touch, nutrition counseling, and gentle stretching to restore the optimum flow of energy, which when blocked can cause pain and disease.

Posture Analysis

Evaluation of the spinal column and associated muscles as well as gait, to create simple, individualized exercises that improve how you sit, stand, and walk.

Power Qi

A fusion exercise combining tai chi with weights. See also Fusion Exercise.

Raw Food

The alternative lifestyle cuisine known also as living food and life food where followers abstain from eating meals heated above 116 degrees, a temperature at which vital enzymes supposedly start to dwindle.


An ancient oriental system of applying pressure to "reflex" points on the foot to re-establish the flow of energy through the body.


In this hands-on system of bodywork, therapists act as conduits, transferring healing forces into the bodies of their clients through holds and gentle pressure applied to precise areas of the body that coincide with energy meridians.

Resort Spa

Combine vacation fun with the spa experience. Spas found in a resort or hotel include spa services, fitness and wellness programs, and sometimes spa cuisine.

Rudraksha Bead Relaxation

A purifying Ayurvedic technique in which one lies in a room where thousands of copper-strung, dried rudraksha fruits are hung from ceiling to floor, creating a magnetic field that encourages the release of tensions. See also Ayurveda.

Salt Scrub/Salt Glow

An exfoliating body treatment using coarse salt to slough off dead skin cells.


A facility dedicated to bodywork, wellness, and pampering. Origin of the word attributed to either Salus per Aquam (health through water) or from the town of Spa in Belgium. Also refers to a hot tub.

Spa Suite

A treatment room designed for two often including a steam room, sauna, and/or oversize Jacuzzi bath.

Strength Training

Working out with free weights, resistance bands, or your own body weight to increase bone density, joint support, balance, and metabolism.

Thai Massage

Based on traditional bodywork from Thailand, this modality involves massage techniques and yoga-like stretches; the client is fully clothed and no oils are used.

T'ui Na

A Chinese healing therapy using acupressure and massage to balance the body's energy flow, release toxins, improve circulation, and treat specific ailments.

Trigger-Point Therapy (also known as neuromuscular therapy)

A therapist applies concentrated pressure to trigger points (knots or lumps in the muscle that can lead to pain in other parts of the body) to bring relaxation and relief from pain.


The art of placing objects and elements to create a harmonious environment, often referred to as Indian feng shui. The theory is based on ancient principles of design and architecture that predate its Chinese cousin.

Vedic Astrology

Taking into account the movement of the planets, the ancient Vedic, or Jyotish, form has a karma-based ideology, relating individual actions and potential to cosmic truths.

Vichy Shower

Usually combined with a wrap or scrub, multiple showerheads spray down from above while the client reclines on a special table.

Water Bed

Used to enhance the body wrap experience, clients sink into a warm bed that forms a floating cocoon around them allowing for complete weightlessness and ultimate relaxation.

Water Interval Training

An intensive strength, cardio, and flexibility workout done in water.

Water Workout

A fitness program in a pool; increased resistance promotes muscle endurance and tone while buoyancy lets joints move more freely, improving flexibility and adding a serious element of play.

Water Yoga

Yoga postures performed in a pool.


Shiatsu massage and gentle stretches performed in warm, waist-high water.


A fusion exercise combining yoga with tai chi. See also Fusion Exercise.


Sanskrit for yoke or union, the ancient Indian practice unites the body with the mind through physical postures, breathing, chants, and meditation. Yoga inspires strength, flexibility, mental clarity, and a sense of spiritual peace.


A fusion exercise combining yoga and Pilates.