Spa Dubai


For those of you who are not night birds and are more of the relaxing types, you have spas in Abu Dhabi to choose from. In order to cater to the different tastes of travelers a wide variety of stress relief, stone massage and rejuvenating beauty treatments are offered by hotels, resorts and health spas in Abu Dhabi.

Most spas in Abu Dhabi offer separate lounges for males and females, although those who purchase spa packages designed for couples may undergo treatment together in the same suite. The spas in Abu Dhabi have many treatments you can choose from. A day at the spas in Abu Dhabi and you feel fresh and beautiful.

Access to the spas in Abu Dhabi is easy as most of the hotels in Abu Dhabi have their own health spas on site. Most spa packages offer access to steam rooms, pools and Jacuzzis, amongst other facilities.

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