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Spa Resources International enters into a joint venture with United Eastern Medical

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 14 December 2008: Spa Resources International (SRI), the Dubai-based specialised spa management and consultancy company that has set the standards for the spa and wellness industry in the region for over a decade now, has entered into a groundbreaking new agreement with United Eastern Medical (UEM), one of Abu Dhabi's leading healthcare development and investment companies.

The joint venture, which was formalised on 23 October 2008, aims to address the acute increase in interest for integrative health, beauty and wellness services in and around the UAE. Both parties will bring their unique strengths and leadership positions in the medical and spa industries to facilitate the creation of a holistic healthcare environment in the region, which integrates spa & wellness services.

"UEM has a focussed and strong vision for the future of the medical sector in the region, and as a home-grown company Spa Resources International is very happy to be an integral part of that vision," said Ms. Daniella Russell, Director of Wafi Health & Leisure Group, the parent company of SRI. "Our extensive experience in the development, management and operation of spa, leisure and wellness facilities in the region will stand us in good stead in our joint venture with UEM, with whom we share common ideals, values and goals as to where we want to take the healthcare industry," she added.

Founded in 2005, UEM is Abu Dhabi's leading privately owned healthcare development and investment company. Through the participation and support of key stakeholders and the public at large, UEM aims to develop and manage an integrated health delivery system that comprises world-class specialty hospitals and premium healthcare facilities throughout the Middle East.

"Our partnership with Spa Resources International, forming Spa Resources United Eastern LLC (SRUE), is very exciting for UEM as it perfectly mirrors our strong ambitions and vision to transform the regional healthcare system. As the leading spa consultancy and development company in the region, SRI was our first choice of partner in our mission to address the regional increase in interest for integrative health services.

The new centers that we will develop together will create an ideal synergy offering a combination of spa treatments alongside unique health and medical programs, and will bridge the large gap between healthcare and wellness," stated Mr. Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa, Managing Director and CEO of United Eastern Medical.

Additional to UEM's knowledge will be the expertise in the spa and wellness field that SRI possesses, contributing to the idea of creating comprehensive healthcare environment in the region. "The modern approach to healthcare is not only about diagnosing and curing illnesses. It is about creating a complete sense of wellbeing through all aspects of healthy life, including relaxation, rejuvenation, and harmony of body, mind and spirit. This, combined with UEMS expertise in the medical sector, promises to add a new dimension to healthcare in the region," said Ms. Russell, highlighting the unique strengths that both parties bring to this joint venture.

Amongst the upcoming projects in this joint venture is the expansive spa and wellness centre that will be located within UEM's flagship project, Danat Al Emarat Hospital, a 300 bed women and children's hospital currently being developed in Abu Dhabi. The centre will integrate medical science with wellness and education programs.

The synergy between these two pioneering organisations promises to add a new dimension to the medical and wellness market in the region, which will be great news for the UAE community where the demand for comprehensive and holistic medical and wellness services attuned to its culturally diverse needs is growing rapidly.

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